Human Resources

KANAAT KNITWEAR who sees human resources as its most valuable asset, draws its strength from its employees. Being a part of KANAAT KNITWEAR family is to become a member of a team that is honest, trustworthy, hardworking, dynamic, collaborative, motivated and successful. At the same time, it is also to enjoy the privilege of being a part of a stable corporation investing in the best technology and services and that is entrepreneurial, innovative, fast growing and opening to the world, giving confidence to its employees.
Being KANAAT KNITWEAR is being US.

Human Resources Policy

Cherishing its employees and adopting this as a corporate culture, KANAAT KNITWEAR sees its employees as an investment that will add value to our company and our country and advances its aims with decisive steps with strength drawn from them.

Social Facilities

As Felicita, we give particular importance to our employees’ health, comfort and happiness. We know the contribution of coexisting with people who love their jobs and who are happy at work and we provide our employees to have all kinds of social facilities.

Dining hall

We constitute common living spaces with these departments that are utilized by every employee.


R & D

We improve ourselves, production unit and employees with reference to “There’s always something better.” system of thought.

Communication of Manager and Employee

We increase solidarity while providing our employees to take more active role within company through forming a healthy and effective manager – employee communication.

Our Certificates

We continue to participate in domestic and abroad studies in order to improve our sector and ourselves, to prepare a better future to our corporation.

Social Responsibility Projects

We develop projects to create social responsibility consciousness, we protect our values through our environment friendly production.

Sectorial Organizations

To sustain the development of our company, we allow new cooperations and partnerships through taking part in sectorial organizations.

Labor and Contribution

We spend effort to become a leader in production starting from applying the sectorial innovation that we see as our priority from company base.

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