Manufacturing Facilities shaped with Advanced Technology

Our factory, forming the processes of drawing, designing, cutting, weaving, printing, packaging and production, provides the needs of the textile industry with advanced technology machines providing manufacturingin world standards Our factory Preparing a rich variety of products, is working at maximum efficiency not only with its machines but also with its innovative and original perspective, distribution and marketing network.

m2 Factory Area
units of Production
gg. Fine Machines
Professional Employees

Our Quality Policy

  Manufacturing with zero error,
  Increasing the sectorial productivity,
  Sustaining the existing quality,
  Maintaining the development of the company,
  Always being environmentally friendly,
  Improving the occupational health and safety practices continuously,
  Providing personal and professional development.

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Production process - From the factory to your home; Inalterable Name of Quality..

Design and Drawing

Our design team working on the styling department, prepare the products in accordance with the admiration and priorities of the target audience. Collections are prepared by an expert model team.

Weaving and Sewing

Yarns for weaving are woven in high tech machines. After the controls, they are made ready for sewing.


Having careful quality controls, our products are made ready for sales after packaging. The products whose weaving and sewing controls are completed, are also checked for their sizes, durability and accessories.


Our domestic and abroad marketing activities continue with our stores in Russia and Istanbul.

A model brand in textile with its increasing production capacity and developing technology; Felicita!