Founded in 1982, Kanaat Knitwear aimed confidence, quality and perfection in knitwear with a manufacturer company profile. Aspiring to sincerity and continuity in production as a family company, our company has continued to manufacture through growing and improving itself since its foundation.

About Us

Our Vision

Giving particular importance to moral values, our vision is to preserve our position among leading national companies, ensuring the permanence of our brand through constantly improving our product range, expand our market share in exports and contribute to the national economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to adopt meeting the customer satisfaction at the highest level as a principle and to serve without making any concessions on quality. Besides, we aim to make production complying with both national and international standards and therefore to increase the quality of production continuously.


We have increased our chance to compete in the rapidly growing textile market through using high-tech machinery and equipment in manufacturing all kinds of knitwear in our 5000 m2-sized factory and we have continued to grow through expanding into new markets. With an annual production capacity of 500,000 units, and with our machinery section consisting of 14 gg. fine machines, we have continued to produce at high standards. As the return of our growth, we have created our brand “Felicita”. We have also provided and continue to provide people to benefit from our showroom within the factory.

We rendered service to various brands in Europe and Turkey while we were manufacturing for our brand Felicita with the experience we gained throughout our more than 30 years of production period and with our expert staff.

We founded Kanaat Academy to prepare our employees to a better future and give them a sense of confidence in accordance with our corporate social responsibility. Our company which recognizes conforming to its employees’ expectations and complying with the code of ethics as one of the main activities, respects the fundamental rights and freedom of its employees and supports its employees’ improvement with educational and social projects.

Confidence in Textile: Felicita

5000 square meters


Since 1982


500.000 units


More than 100


"Happiness" that comes with Felicita

Felicita, means happiness in Italian . The most important reason for us to choose this name for our company is promising happiness to our customers. As Felicita, wishing happiness take place in every moment of your life, we create garment creations that will delight you. We design what befits you and we make you smile while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Corporate Documents

Our brand presents its corporate identity and quality policy with brand renewal and registration documents issued by the Turkish Patent Institute. Providing confidence to our customers in all conditions is our working principle.