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since 1982


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Creative, modern and dazzling

Founded in 1982, Kanaat Knitwear have felt the pulse of fashion with Felicita brand as one of the leading manufacturers of textile industry for many years and has made a name in Turkish and world market with its creations towards customers' expectations.


In our 5000 m2-sized factory, we provide any kind of tricot manufacturing service and we also provide people to benefit from our showroom within the factory.

Quality Policy

With our innovative vision of keeping up with the developing fashion and textile industry, and with our creative and quality production features, we maintain our goal of providing the best quality products to our customers.

Production Process

Collections prepared by our design team are made ready for sale after being manufactured in machines having advanced technology.

Capacity and Technology

With annual production capacity of 500,000 units in our manufacturing center, we proceed in line with our principle of working with the latest technology in product delivery from yarn to package.

Why Felicita?

Manufacturer warranty

A manufacturer company profile manufacturing with the latest technology machinery for more than 30 years.

Reliable and of high quality

Textile brand recommended and preferred and establishing trust with its product quality within the sector.

Corporate social responsibility

With Kanaat Academy training, personal and professional development opportunities to its employees.

Active in the world market

A known brand with advanced sales network not only in Turkey but also abroad.

Environmentally friendly production

A production plan that does not damage the environment, a plan that protects and even contributes to environment.

Creative and modern

Manufacturing consonant to fashion trends and towards the appreciation of target market with creative design team.

A brand respecting culture and tradition, keeping up with development and change!

We bring together elegance and quality in textile through adding our own perspective to modern color and design lines with our traditional fabric culture.